Williamsburg Police offering house checks for holiday travelers

Posted at 3:20 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 16:50:55-05

WILLIAMSBURG, Va - A single sheet of paper is helping neighbors protect their Williamsburg homes when they are out of town.

All year long, the Williamsburg Police Department offers to check on the homes of people who are away. This year, the department took to social media to remind residents who will be traveling this holiday season.

"We got a lot of reactions and shares on Facebook," explained Officer Aundrea Holiday. "Knowing that that officer is there to make sure your house is safe is priceless."

In order for a house check, homeowners have to first fill out a house check form. The form is available online but needs to be turned into the police department. Once the form is filled out, an officer will stop by your home once every shift.

"They check on the house, they check doors, windows, they make sure nothing is broken and that everything is intact," Holiday said.

The checks also serve as a deterrent.

"The bad guys, so to speak, it lets them know that we are out there that we are checking the residences," Holiday said. "When they see us in the neighborhood they’ll think twice."

Police departments in other areas of Hampton Roads also offer a house check program. To find out if your local department offers this program, contact your local precinct.