Busy day for stores as customers return, exchange holiday gifts

Posted at 1:39 PM, Dec 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-26 13:54:55-05

NORFOLK, Va. - It's been a busy Wednesday afternoon inside Norfolk’s MacArthur Center.

“We’re out here exchanging gifts that we got, taking stuff back,” said shopper Jonoven Savage.

“We were coming to actually make a return,” customer Wendy Watson explained.

Most of their returns were yesterday’s Christmas presents.

Shoppers are packing malls and outlets today returning and exchanging their least favorite, or wrong size, gifts.

“We came here to return the size nine I got my sister,” Madison Maddox, who was there with her parents, sister and friends, said. “We went over to the Journeys store and we ended up finding the size 10 there.”

Other customers told News 3 they just didn’t like what was left under the Christmas tree.

“I returned a sweater to American Eagle because it was itchy, and I also returned a shirt just because I didn’t like it,” Taylor McCarthy said about gifts her mom brought her.

However, many people are cashing in on deals and steals, like $25 off or a 50 percent discount.

“They had some fragrances and scented lotions, and I got that for my mom and that was on sale too,” Demontré Hunter, who is just now doing his Christmas shopping, said. “I  think that was like two for $10.”

MacArthur Center staff told us it’ll be this way over the next few days.

“The sales will be going on through the whole weekend, so I think we’ll see a good steady flow of traffic,” Karen Husselbee, the mall’s marketing director, said.

Many people say today was the perfect day to spend – because they expect the good stuff will be gone very soon.

“I’ve been able to get everywhere I need to go, usually when I’m in MacArthur, it’s like the busiest,” Hunter told News 3.

A recent report found shoppers returned more than $90 billion worth of goods during the 2017 holiday season.