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Two new babies arrived at the Virginia Zoo

Posted at 3:12 PM, Jan 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-02 15:12:20-05

NORFOLK, Va. – While many were enjoying their new gadgets and toys this holiday season, two of the Virginia Zoo’s Eastern bongos were in labor.

12.5-year-old bongo, Juni, gave birth to a male calf on December 26. Weighing 44 pounds and standing at approximately 2 feet tall, Keepers have decided to call the calf Johnny.

This is the eighth offspring for Juni and third for father Bob. Juni is an experienced mom and has been taking good care of her new calf.

3-year-old bongo, Jesi, started showing signs of labor as well on Wednesday. It became evident within the hour that Jesi was having trouble and would not be able to give birth to her calf naturally. The Zoo’s Animal Care Team decided that a Cesarean section was the safest option for both mom and calf.

Jesi and her female calf, who Keepers are calling Charlie, made it through surgery well.

Following the C-section, Jesi was unable to care for her calf so staff stepped in and are bottle feeding her. The first month of life for a hand-raised calf is a very critical time and staff is carefully monitoring her as she grows.

“Jesi had some complications since her C-section, but for now, she is stable and we are continuing to watch her closely,” said Colleen Clabbers, the Virginia Zoo’s Veterinarian.

“The calf appears strong and has been eager to take a bottle. Even though the first month is a critical time for her, we are hopeful that she will continue to thrive under our care.” Clabbers added.

Charlie weighs 48 pounds and stands approximately 2 feet tall. The birth of the calves brings the total herd to eight in their exhibit in the Africa – Okavango Delta. Due to the dynamics of these important births and changing weather conditions, there may be a delay in viewing the calves on exhibit.

Please stay tuned for any updates on the Zoo’s Facebook page.