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Badger the pig finds forever home after being up for adoption

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jan 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-10 15:08:25-05

NORFOLK, Va. – One family has now added a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig to its household.

The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center said Wednesday evening that Badger the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig  was adopted by a family.

“Badger has found a new forever home.. and more snacks!!,” said the Norfolk Animal Care Center in a Facebook post. “Thank you to all who have shared his story and all who support Norfolk Animal Care Center!”

The 3-year-old neutered pig loves to eat bananas and cucumbers, and staff say he’s as smart as a toddler and can learn quicker than a cat or a dog.

He may be a pig, but he sure doesn’t live like one! Badger has never lived outside, but he’s house-trained to use a litter box.

“He was surrendered to our shelter on December 1st when his new family was unable to keep up with the cost and care of having a pig,” said Kennel Supervisor Shannon Phillips.

Staff say Badger is a little shy at first, but he’ll start to open up when food is involved. He also loves snuggling under blankets and is quite the ham whenever a camera comes around.

Pet pigs have a few special requirements. They are not allowed in the City of Norfolk, so his new family lives in an area that is zoned to allow pigs.

Some pig owners have taught their pets to play the piano, ride a scooter, drive a golf cart, ride as a car passenger or slam dunk a basketball – the possibilities are endless!