Community takes action to clean up trash near Colonial Parkway National Park amid government shutdown

Posted at 10:26 AM, Jan 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-16 14:23:52-05

YORKTOWN, Va. – People in the area are expressing their concerns about trash found on Colonial Parkway near Colonial Parkway National Park.

A Facebook event has been created for a volunteer clean up on January 19.

“Are you as sick of this disgusting behavior as I am? The Colonial parkway used to be a beautiful refuge from this ugliness, but during the government shutdown, it is not being policed,” said the creator of the Facebook event.

Many people have noticed liter on Colonial Parkway, Goosley Road, George Washington Memorial Highway (Route 17) and Cook Road since the government shutdown.

There has been some trash pick up this week, but some people believe there is more that can be done.