75% of the US will suffer below-freezing temps this week, but there’s more…

Posted at 10:54 AM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 10:57:30-05

Absurdly cold weather is about to grip much of the US, trapping millions of Americans in sub-zero temperatures and bringing “dangerous to impossible travel conditions.”

Some states could suffer the coldest air in a generation, the National Weather Service said.

The coldest air will come between Tuesday and Thursday in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes, with temperatures plunging to 20-40 degrees below zero, CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said. Wind chills will plummet to 35-60 below zero.

“Chicago will likely see its coldest readings in nearly 25 years, with lows approaching the all-time record of 27 below and a daytime high on Wednesday of around 15 below,” Hennen said.

“It could remain below zero in Chicago from around noon on Tuesday until around midday on Friday.”

Across the Midwest and Great Lakes the brutal cold will likely shatter dozens of records, Hennen said.

But the deep freeze is only half of the story. The Dakotas are grappling with blizzard conditions, the National Weather Service said. And heavier snow is expected in the Upper Midwest and Great lakes, meaning “dangerous to impossible travel conditions.”

While intense snow smothers much of the Midwest, snow will likely extend all the way down to Mississippi and Alabama.

In Atlanta, where thousands of football fans are getting ready for the Super Bowl, temperatures will plunge Tuesday as the city gets hit with up to two inches of snow.

All Georgia state offices will be closed Tuesday, Gov. Brian Kemp said.

Luckily, temperatures will rebound for the weekend, melting anything that sticks in time for the big game.