Pharmacist delivers medicine by snowmobile to customers during polar vortex

Posted at 11:44 AM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 11:44:16-05

LAKE ODESSA, Mich. - Delivering medicine is nothing new for Lake Odessa Pharmacy. In fact, pharmacist Andrea Cusack said it's a free daily service offered to the community. However, the freezing weather is forcing her to think outside the box on how to deliver medicine to clients in snow-packed areas.

"Blood pressure, diabetes meds... you do not want to stop those. It's important to take them continuously," Cusack told WXMI.

Cusack needed to make a delivery Tuesday night to homebound clients whose long driveway was packed with snow. So she enlisted her son's help.

“He was pumped for that. He’s 15 years old. [I] told him to go fire up the snowmobile, and we went on our way," she chuckled.

A photo snapped by her husband is getting lots of positive feedback on social media.

Cusack said, “I can’t believe it. I truly care about people. I want to help them and to see the response around the community is overwhelming.”

Her nephew and a pharmacist set out for another delivery Wednesday for Wayne and Margaret Musbach. They're an elderly couple who typically makes the drive to the pharmacy. But the Musbachs are snowed in.

“We was just thinking about what we was gonna do, and I was gonna call. I know they deliver, but I didn’t know they were gonna deliver today or not,” Wayne Musbach said.

Margaret Musbach added, “It just was convenient for us today, especially with us and getting out. We’re so grateful that we live in a small community and that they will do things like that.”

Cusack said it's just a part of the job.

“We’re here to serve our community, and if somebody needs our help getting something we’re going to help ‘em," she said.

She said they will continue using the snowmobile for as long as this weather persists.