Virginia Beach Police patrol Chic’s Beach after white van follows young girls

Posted at 3:19 PM, Feb 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-01 17:33:24-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Neighbors in the Chic's Beach section of Virginia Beach are on high alert after a person in a white van continues to make contact with young girls in the neighborhood.

According to Jenny Williams, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for the area, there have been four different reports made. The first occurred a few weeks ago.

The girl reported that she was walking to the bus stop near Fentress Avenue and Cornet Street when a white utility van began following her. The next time the white van appeared, it was on Guam Street.

Williams says there, a young girl was given a gift by the driver. On Beaufort Avenue, it appeared for the third time. This time, the young girl says the driver yelled something at her while driving near her. The last time the van was seen was on January 30.

"It really shook me up."

The fifth grader's family asked that News 3 not release her identity. The girl says she was riding her bike home from a friend's house when the white van began following her.

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She says the van was stopped at Lauderdale Avenue and Beaufort Avenue for a period of time. She says the driver's blinker was pointing towards the right. After she rode by, the driver changed their blinker and began driving behind her. She says the van drove slowly until she got to her driveway.

"Then he backed into my neighbor's driveway and then drove the other way," she explained. "It just really freaked me out."

The girl's family reported the incident to police. The girl was unable to provide a description of the person driving the van; she says it was hard to see inside the windows.

"I couldn’t see anything about them. I honestly couldn’t even see if anyone was driving it."

The white van is described as a utility vehicle. The fifth grader says there is some kind of yellow logo on the driver's side, but she was unable to tell exactly what it was.

Virginia Beach Police say they are looking into the incidents. Police could be seen in the neighborhood Friday, patrolling the streets.

Neighbors say they are talking to their children about the situation and making sure that everyone remains vigilant while police continue to investigate.