Chesapeake family angry after meeting with district attorney over daughter’s death case

Chesapeake family angry after meeting with district attorney over daughter’s death case
Posted at 9:45 PM, Feb 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-20 23:25:49-05

CURRITUCK Co., N.C. - A family says they are fighting for justice after a Chesapeake woman was killed on the side of the road in Currituck County nearly two years ago.

News 3 sat down with Lindsey Parsons' mother, father, sister and stepdad on Wednesday night.

They said the 29-year-old mother from Chesapeake was working as a photographer for a friend’s wedding on September 16, 2017.

She was walking to her car on Spot Road in Currituck County when she was hit by a vehicle.

Authorities told News 3 back when it happened the driver, Charles Baum of Jarvisburg, was charged with DWI and felony death by motor vehicle.

The road where the crash happened does not have sidewalks, there are no streetlights and it is very dark at night.

Parsons’ family has set up a memorial in the area where it happened.

“You never know until they’re gone. I think I took her for granted,” said Jimmy Parsons, Lindsey’s father. “Everybody loved her.”

He said his daughter was always laughing and happy.

She left behind a 10-year-old son who meant the world to her, and now her family helps raise him.

They said they were shocked last week when they met with District Attorney Andrew Womble and learned Baum was going to be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Womble told News 3 he is very sympathetic towards the family and can understand their point of view.

“They are highly upset and they wish that the system could work better in their favor, and all those things I completely understand. I don’t fault them for feeling that way. I think it’s completely normal,” said Womble.

He said he could not discuss the specifics of a pending case but said after consulting with North Carolina State Highway Patrol and investigators associated with the case, he found there are some evidentiary issues with going forward on a felony death by motor vehicle charge.

News 3 spoke to the suspect's defense attorney, Keith Teague, over the phone. He said Parsons was in the road during the time of the crash to avoid a snake and that Baum had maintained from the beginning that he is not guilty of the original charges.

Parsons’ family members said they are furious and feel blindsided.

They said they had no idea there were any issues with the case and have now taken to social media to encourage people to contact the D.A.’s office.

They said they feel like they are being victimized again.

“To have this is just like a kick in the teeth,” said Jimmy. “He needs to sit somewhere in jail and be punished so we can have time to think about what he did.”

Jimmy said although he does not want the suspect to have a life sentence, he does not feel that a misdemeanor is fair for the death of his daughter.

“I don’t understand why we don’t have a choice. It was our daughter,” he said. He said the family would like the case to be heard in front of a jury.

They are expected back in front of a judge on March 4.