Convicted felon from Franklin sentenced to prison for firearms conspiracy

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 04, 2019

NORFOLK, Va. – A Franklin man was sentenced on Monday to more than seven years in prison for his role in a conspiracy to straw-purchase firearms.

Court documents say that 26-year-old Khary Deshun Smith and several co-defendants were members of a conspiracy that straw-purchased at least seven firearms from federally licensed firearms dealers in Franklin.

Smith was prohibited from possessing firearms due to earlier federal felony convictions.

However, he illegally purchased a firearm with the assistance of his co-defendant, Larry Parrish, who straw-purchased the firearm from a federally licensed gun store.

Smith also stole a firearm from his girlfriend, loaded it with an extended magazine, and used it in a firefight with enemy gang members in a different incident.

When law enforcement executed the arrest warrant issued in this case, they discovered a third firearm tucked under a chair cushion in Smith’s living room within arms’ reach of minors.