ATM eats Navy chief’s $500 cash deposit; Navy Federal won’t help

Posted at 12:07 PM, Mar 06, 2019

Arizona (KPHO/KTVK) — Anita Sisk is in the United States Navy and was just recently promoted.

“I just hit 17 years in September,” Sisk said proudly. “I made chief, so, I’m pretty proud of that.”

And, while fighting for her country, Sisk now has another battle on her hands. This one has to do with two credit unions and a missing $500 cash deposit.

“I’m thinking to myself, all the ATMs have a camera. Why don’t they go to the camera and see I am making a deposit?” she asked.

Sisk banks with Navy Federal Credit Union, which allows customers like her to make transactions from other institutions like Arizona Federal Credit Union.

And that’s what she did.

Back in December, she went to an Arizona Federal ATM and tried to deposit $500 cash. But there was a problem.

“I was trying to put in my cash and the ATM wouldn’t take it and I thought, ‘Why is it not taking it?'” Sisk told 3 On Your Side.

The ATM wound up taking the cash, but it then printed out an unusual receipt saying “Cash Rollback Failure.”

Sisk says she was unsure what it meant, but she knows the $500 never made it into her Navy Federal account.

Sisk filed a claim with Navy Federal to investigate, but it claimed the receipt didn’t provide enough details, so they denied the claim.

So, she turned to Arizona Federal, which she says also wasn’t any help at the time.

“They said, ‘Well, technically, we can’t file a claim because you’re not one of our members,” she said.

So, Sisk contacted 3 On Your Side.

“That’s when I said if anybody can do anything it would be Gary Harper,” said Sisk.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Navy Federal several times, and surprisingly the credit union brushed us off with no response.

Remember, this is Sisk’s credit union.

However, Arizona Federal didn’t’ hesitate to help Sisk.

When 3 On Your Side brought it to the attention of the credit union’s executive level, they immediately returned Sisk’s money and said they’ll work with Navy Federal behind the scenes to resolve the issue.

Sisk says she’s ecstatic to have her $500 and says it only got done because of 3 On Your Side.

“Oh I had very high confidence that you would (resolve it) because you’re a pit bull when it comes to these types of cases,” Sisk said laughing. “I love your tenacity with it and you’re well known. So, I just appreciate all your help.”

Navy Federal Credit Union should have gotten involved as soon as a filed a claim was filed. They didn’t.

Navy Federal should have immediately returned her $500, if only temporarily. They didn’t.

And, Navy Federal should have responded to 3 On Your Side’s many emails and phone calls. They didn’t.

As a result, this viewer says she’s considering leaving Navy Federal Credit Union and opening an account with Arizona Federal Credit Union because they immediately got involved and resolved her issue.