Oklahoma grandmother caring for baby whose mom died in crash gets help from local group

Posted at 9:30 PM, Mar 08, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY - A family was left devastated and scrambling to care for a little boy after his mother was killed in a crash.

The crash happened one week ago when a wrong-way driver struck a car driven by 36-year-old Faith Mahan. She and her 23-year-old daughter MaKayla were killed on impact. The driver who crashed into them, 42-year-old Nina Carpitcher, and her passenger, 48-year-old Raymond Butler, were also killed.

MaKayla, who along with Faith will be laid to rest Saturday, was pregnant at the time of the crash. She left behind a 4-month-old son, Khylan Williamson.

"This was his momma's twin," said Lisa Williamson, Khylan's grandmother. "He looks like my son, but he looks like his momma. That's Kayla baby."

Lisa is starting over in a way.

The grandmother is now raising her 4-month-old grandson. She said MaKayla dropped Khylan off just hours before she died. She had just told Lisa she was pregnant.

"Three days later, she bring him to me. Not even eight hours later, she's gone," Lisa said.

Now, Lisa said Khylan will never get to really know his mom.

"She didn't get to really get acquainted with him. He's 4 months. This is the time where you're loving your baby, you know? None of that," Lisa said.

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It's been a heartbreaking blow for Lisa and her son, who she said has been devastated by the loss of the woman they both loved so much.

"She was the sweetest person, I promise you," Lisa said. "That's why I was like, dang, why did it have to be Kayla?"

Becoming a guardian under such sudden and traumatic circumstances has been difficult for Lisa, so KFOR in Oklahoma City called in some help from Infant Crisis Services, who brought in formula, diapers, clothing, baby wash and even a pack and play.

Normally, you need to go to their headquarters to get help, but this time they loaded up their baby mobile and made a house call Friday.

"I don't mind stepping in, taking responsibility when it's part of me so he's gonna be well taken care of," Lisa said. "I'm going to make sure he's well taken care of to the best of my ability."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is still waiting on toxicology results on the driver who crashed into the Mahans.

There is one GoFundMe set up for Khylan and another set up for MaKayla and her mother's funeral expenses.