Investigators seize dozens of dogs from Portsmouth home during dog fighting investigation

Posted at 4:58 PM, Mar 11, 2019

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Investigators seized 33 dogs from a home on Bold Street during an investigation into dog fighting, according to a search warrant.

On March 7, Animal Control met with a man at a home and found 10 pit bull-type dogs chained up in the backyard. In addition, the officer found other dogs inside the home in kennels that were "filthy with feces, trash, debris, and empty containers," the search warrant says.

The officer writes that he also saw a dog treadmill that is associated with dog fighting. Investigators then seized the animals along with chains, an artificial insemination kit for animals and a digital scale, according to the search warrant.

The search warrant states Leonard Madison lives at the home. Police arrested him on gun possession charges, which are unrelated to the dozens of dogs seized from his house.

Some neighbors were suspicious of barking at all hours of the night, but others never suspected a thing and only believed a couple of dogs were living at the home.

Notices posted on orange paper were taped along the outside of the house stating the home is  "condemned" and "unsafe or unfit for habitation."

In addition, ATF agents were carrying out a search warrant at a home on Lindsay Avenue on March 5 when they say they found a dog treadmill, thick chains and at least four pit bull-type dogs. In this case, it was not clear if the animals were seized based on the search warrant.

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Portsmouth Police declined to comment on whether the cases are connected or to provide any other details.