Woman charged after boyfriend’s stabbing leads to collapsed lung

Posted at 3:29 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 15:29:53-04

OKLAHOMA CITY - A 22-year-old Oklahoma man went straight from the hospital to the county courthouse to file a protection order against his girlfriend.

Steven Woolbright has a bandage on his side after spending two days in the hospital. His girlfriend is accused of stabbing him during a late night confrontation.

Woolbright said it started when he heard a door slam early Sunday morning. It was 22-year-old Jennifer Brown demanding the keys to his car.

"I wouldn’t give them to her because it's 2:30 in the morning and she just got home from the bar," Woolbright explained. "She grabs a knife out of the kitchen and runs outside. I'm following her, my dad is behind me. She runs out there and starts stabbing at my [car] window."

That's when he said Brown realized Woolbright's father was recording the ordeal, and she allegedly charged at him with the steak knife in hand. He said he jumped in to get the knife away from her.

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"She stabbed me in my side, and we wrestled the knife away from her and got her off the property," Woolbright said. "I pulled my hoodie off and the whole side of my hoodie was soaked in blood."

Brown fled on foot, and Woolbright was rushed to the hospital.

"They did emergency surgery on me. Basically went in there, spread my rubs open and put a tube in my lungs," he said. "It made my lung collapse so they put another hole through my ribs, put a hose in there to re-inflate it and to drain the blood out."

He said while he was sitting on the hospital bed, Brown called. He said he was surrounded by police officers and answered the call on speakerphone. According to police reports, Brown asked about the whereabouts of their son, and when he told her he was in the hospital, police reports say her "voice sounded unaffected by the news and expressed no remorse."

"I want her to be prosecuted as far as we can take it and I'm going to get custody of my son," he said.

Hours after leaving the scene, Brown turned herself in to police. She faces charges for assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond has been set at $15,000.