Video shows adults watching, encouraging Oklahoma elementary schoolers during fight

Posted at 3:51 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 15:51:06-04

OKLAHOMA CITY - A family wants answers after a video surfaced showing their 11-year-old in an after school altercation with a classmate.

"It was jaw-dropping," said Lynn Coleman, one girl's aunt. "Bullying is not OK."

Coleman said her niece and the other girl attend Tinker Elementary School, where her niece tells her some in-class bullying escalated into fights at least twice.

The concerned aunt said the confrontations happened with adult supervision, and those adults did not break up the fights. One video shows at least an adult watching intently while one child is on the ground being hit repeatedly. The videos have since been posted to social media.

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Coleman said her niece said the adults, believed to be the other girl's parents, egged on the fight.

"[They were] basically orchestrating the fight, telling her to 'Get her,' things of that sort - 'You better not let her beat you up' type things," Coleman said. "I don't condone adults orchestrating and letting their child be engaged in a fight out in the street."

Reporters reached out to Mid Del Schools, but the district has no involvement because the videos were captured after school and off campus. Coleman said she wants to see the school be more aggressive about preventing bullying.

Coleman said she had no idea her niece was being regularly bullied in school, and never thought she'd see her defending herself against a classmate while being watched by adults.

The family plans to file a police report.