Local Coast Guard cutters offload 27,000 pounds of cocaine in Florida

Posted at 11:35 AM, Mar 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-22 11:35:38-04

The crew of the Portsmouth-based Coast Guard Cutter Tampa (WMEC-902) and Virginia Beach-based Coast Guard Cutter Dependable (WMEC-626) will assist in offloading approximately 27,000 pounds of cocaine Friday in Port Everglades.

The drugs were seized in international waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and represent 12 separate interceptions by the Coast Guard. All together, the drugs are worth an estimated $360 million wholesale.

According to the Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Cutter Dependable was responsible for two of those cases, seizing an estimated 2,926 pounds of cocaine. The Coast Guard Cutter Tampa was responsible for six cases, seizing an estimated 18,239 pounds of cocaine.

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Coast Guard Cutter Venturous (WMEC-625) also participated in the interceptions, with four cases and an estimated 7,218 pounds of cocaine.

“Tampa’s crew is extremely proud of the work they accomplished over the past three months,” said Cmdr. Nicholas Simmons, the commanding officer of the Tampa. “There are few things more frustrating to our sailors than idle deployments, and none more gratifying than accomplishing a very important mission with impacts that resound across our Nation.”