Chicago ‘beer spa’ lets customers soak in a warm tub of suds

Posted at 4:21 PM, Mar 25, 2019

CHICAGO — Beer: it’s not just for drinking anymore.

Beer spas have been hugely popular overseas for years, but the first of its kind just opened in Chicago on the Northwest Side. Piva Beer Spa's co-owner Dino Sarancic says soaking in a tub of warm beer has proven to be good for your skin and soothing for the body.

"It's a thermal soak, so the water's about 98 degrees, there's about 20 percent beer in here," Sarancic said. "The beer spa is something that me and my dad [experienced] together, so [Piva Beer Spa] has been about three years in the making."

The spa even features beer-based skin products and soaps, which they say will help cure what "ales" you.

There's also a warm and colorful salt cave, which promises healing capabilities for asthma and allergies, and yoga classes that take place inside the cave.

Participants say the whole experience feels rejuvenating.