Maine woman fighting ticket from Chesapeake bridge, says she’s never been there

Posted at 8:21 AM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 09:22:55-04

Provided by the Cty of Chesapeake.

NORWAY, Maine – A Maine woman, for the second time in two years, has gotten a ticket for using a toll in a place she has never been. This time, it was from Chesapeake’s Dominion Bridge.

According to a report from CBS affiliate WGME, Karri White is fighting back against tickets she has gotten in places she has never been.

WGME reports that the City of Chesapeake believes that their system may have confused White’s license plate with a different Maine license plate.

In an interview with WGME, White said, “I was just aggravated all over again. I feel like it just brought up feelings of frustration, and something has to change for people, I know I can’t be the only person going through this.”

There are tens of thousands of license plates in Maine with the same number but different style, according to Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap in an interview with WGME. The state no longer allows duplicate numbers on different plates, but there are still a lot of plates out there like that.

Maine has more than 50 license plate styles that people from Maine can choose from.

WGME says that the City of Chesapeake has canceled White’s bill.

The first ticket White received in 2017 in a similar situation was from Maryland.