Man tells police ‘These aren’t my socks’ after he’s found with drugs

Posted at 9:20 AM, Mar 27, 2019

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – An Ohio man pulled over for a traffic stop was caught with cocaine in his sock — then told police: “These aren’t my socks.”

According to Austintown Police reports, Damien K. Clark Jr., 20, was pulled over at just before 4:30 a.m. Saturday after allegedly failing to use his right turn signal on South Navarre Avenue.

The officer said he smelled raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Loose raw marijuana was found on the floor board.

During a search, officers found a small plastic bag of suspected cocaine inside his left sock. Clark then said, “These aren’t my socks.”

After Clark was taken into custody, police found Alprazolam in the front of his pants along with a white powder substance in a torn plastic bag in his front shirt. Police said he asked officers to throw away the evidence, claiming, “Someone gave me the pills to hold, we were at a party.”

Loose marijuana was also found on the back of his shirt.

When Clark arrived at the Mahoning County Justice Center, police seized $740 found on him, along with a cell phone. They also found a pill in his left sock. Clark said he “forgot that was in there.”

Clark now faces charges of conveying drugs and drug abuse.