Police: Woman arrested for DUI after driving on rim with margarita in cup holder

Posted at 4:22 PM, Mar 31, 2019

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa police arrested a woman after she was allegedly driving drunk on a rim of her vehicle.

According to Tulsa police, officers were conducting a traffic stop when they spotted a driver driving on a rim.

Police said they quickly ended the original traffic stop and pulled over the driver, which they said they could “hear her coming from a block away.”

Officers asked the woman, later identified as Amy Dillon, how much she had to drink. She replied that she’d had two tequila shots. Police said “she could barely stand upright” and did not do well on a field sobriety test. Police said they also found a full margarita inside her cup holder.

Officials said it is unknown how she wrecked her car before they encountered her.

Authorities took Dillon to jail where took a breathalyzer test and blew a .21, according to police.

She was arrested on complaints of no driver’s license in possession while driving, transporting an open container, operating a motor vehicle with defective tires and DUI second offense.