Man rescues dog trapped in hot car by smashing out window; Norfolk Animal Control charging dog owner

Posted at 3:55 PM, May 01, 2019

NORFOLK, Va. - A man working on a job site in Norfolk saw a dog trapped inside a hot car and smashed out the car window to free the pup, who was visibly suffering from the heat.

Jason Minson told News 3 it was more than 80 degrees Tuesday afternoon when he saw the black lab mix puppy trying to get cool inside a car parked near ODU.

He said the window was cracked about an inch, so he gave the dog water from a water bottle - and it drank two full bottles! Minson said he had called police right away to report the dog was trapped, but it took them some time to respond to the area.

In a video Minson posted, he said he thought the dog was going to die.

News 3 spoke to him Wednesday, and Minson said if he came across the same situation again, he wouldn't hesitate to act.

"It's cruelty leaving a living being in conditions that hot; it's cruel," he said.

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Norfolk Police said their officers can smash out a car window to rescue a dog if the circumstances call for that, but after waiting for what felt like too long already, Minson was not about to wait any longer for someone to do something.

"I honestly didn’t think the dog would make it long enough for the fire department to get there," he said.

The dog was taken by Animal Control officers and is doing better now in the care of staff at the animal shelter.

Minson is an Army veteran who has a Great Dane service dog named Rex. He said he would never think to leave his dog in a hot vehicle, just like he would not leave one of his children in those conditions.

"They depend on us to take care of them like a child would. If you're going to be a dog owner, you have to step up to those responsibilities."

If the roles were reversed, Minson said he would hope someone would act on behalf of his dog.

"Everyone is always in a rush; rush here, rush there, pick up kids, get groceries and we forget. I don’t know how you could, but some people forget. If I ever got out and went in the store and forgot about Rex, I would pray someone would knock my window out," Minson said.

Norfolk police have updated News 3-the owner of the dog, Kymoni Beverly, was issued her a summons for 'Animal in Motor Vehicle'. Her next court date is May 17 and her dog will be held at the Norfolk Animal Care Center, pending results of the court date.

Norfolk Police urge anyone who sees a pet trapped inside a hot car to call 911.