North Carolina man wanted for beating, robbing 92-year-old WWII veteran

Posted at 1:04 PM, May 15, 2019

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Police are looking for a man who's accused of robbing, beating and holding a 92-year-old veteran at gunpoint.

Authorities said the man pictured in surveillance images stole the elderly man's credit card and used the card inside of several retail stores.

His daughter, Diana Brown, couldn't believe someone would do this to her father, a WWII veteran who remains active even at his age.

"He held [a gun] to Daddy's temple the whole time he was walking behind him," Brown said.

She said the man broke into her father's home around 6 p.m. April 29 in Winston-Salem's Sunnyside-Central Historic District.

She said the man kicked her father in his back, held a gun to his head and forced him into a closet.

"Anybody that will go into somebody's home is one thing, but when you go in and purposely hurt them when you don't have to — I mean he's 92," Brown said.

The veteran's daughter recounted the scary moments.

"Daddy said he could hear him and that's when he went inside of my daddy's bedroom and ransacked that and took two of my dad's watches and the credit card," Brown said.

Investigators discovered the man's credit cards were used at various stores. Brown said her father's credit card statements showed that the robber spent hundreds of dollars shopping at Hanes Mall.

"He went on a shopping spree and didn't give Daddy another thought," she said.

Now, Brown just hopes somebody will come forward with information to catch this man.

"I just pray to God somebody will recognize him because he needs to be off the street, and if he's not caught it's not going to be the last. It's going to be some other poor person that's going to be terrorized," Brown said.