Help choose design of new mural at Rudee Loop in Virginia Beach

Posted at 3:41 PM, May 17, 2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – From now until May 27, you can vote for the mural design that will give an old wall at Rudee Loop an artistic makeover!

In April 2019, the City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs announced a public call for proposals and artists from across the country submitted designs.

Artists were instructed to appeal to a mass audience while creating a unique sense of place with drive-by and “selfie” appeal. Public Art Selection Committee members narrowed down the artists to four finalists and the public can now vote for their favorite design.

Visit this link to vote and be a part of the arts in the community.

The new mural will be adjacent to the Rudee Loop area which has a highly visible walk/bike path and serves as a welcoming space for visitors, residents and families. The murals will be created on the outside walls that surround the lot of the old Oceanside Inn, a once-popular hotel that was demolished in 2017.

In alphabetical order, the four finalists are listed below:

Artist 1: Aimee Bruce (Norfolk, VA)
Artist Statement:

“Prismatic Play depicts a crowd of cephalopods (octopus/squid) enjoying activities one might encounter at the Oceanfront (i.e., eating pizza and ice cream, putting on sunglasses, playing with beach balls). I represented the ever-changing beach community through the adaptive color-changing octopuses. I believe there are more positive interactions to be had as the Oceanfront becomes a more diversified, better place.”

Artist 2: Sean Coffey / John Muldoon (Pittsburgh, PA)
Artist Statement:

“The proposed mural would feature birds against a vibrant background. Doves are a universal symbol of peace and love, while hummingbirds are one of the strongest and most resilient species of bird. These two birds highlight that in order for a community to thrive, you must have diversity in strengths and character. If we all contribute the best of ourselves to the places we call home, then home becomes a better place.”

Artist 3: Pepe Gaka (Turin, Italy)
Artist Statement:

“My motto, when creating a design, is ‘the simplest is not always the best, yet the best is always simple.’  The idea is to have a wall of positive words that people will both appreciate and want to have their own photo taken next to. Each will have a different style and background, to make the whole composition more dynamic. Passersby will be able to send photos of the words to friends, as an encouragement, or to have their own photo taken next to the word, and then shared on social media.”

Artist 4: Christopher Warren (Boulder, Colorado)
Artist Statement:

My proposed image, You Are Here, Virginia Beach, is a re-interpretation of the topography of Virginia Beach itself, with a You Are Here pin marking the location of the mural in the map. Virginia Beach’s history has been shaped by its natural surroundings, and the town has, in turn, shaped the land, forming roads, canals, and piers within the landscape. The map is rendered in seaside hues of blue and tan, providing a bright splash of color.  My art piece creates a very unique sense of place, given that the bands of color come from the town itself, and it creates not just a lively image, but also a place marker for the art piece in Virginia Beach as a whole.”