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Officers save elderly woman who drove car into Greenbrier Mall pond

Posted at 4:53 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 23:17:41-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Thousands of men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day when they go to work here in Hampton Roads.

The Valor Awards are presented by the Hampton Roads Chamber.

News 3 is honored to partner with them again and showcase incredible feats of bravery.

Thursday's story shows the amazing efforts of two Chesapeake Police officers who saved a 94-year-old woman who was trapped in her car, floating in a pond at the Greenbrier Mall.

"Officer Bailey and I responded to a call of a vehicle that had driven into the retention pond in front of Greenbrier Mall," Officer Donavan Moorman said. "As soon as I got there I could see the tail lights of the car in the water."

An older woman was sitting in the driver's seat on her phone after hitting the gas by mistake.

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"Because the car was going to sink, we got a lifeline or rope to throw. It was too far for us to throw the rope, so Moorman decided he was going down. His equipment, stuff like that, makes the swim easier," Officer Garland Bailey said.

"I took off my gun belt, I took off my camera, we took that line and I swam out to the vehicle. It was chilly. We hooked the line to the steering wheel because the driver's side window was down. Officer Bailey was able to pull the vehicle because it was still floating close to shore," Moorman said.

Chief Wright commended the men saying, "These officers were out there not thinking about their own safety, risking their lives to save someone else. That's simply marvelous."