Man reported to have drowned in Dare Co. actually died from heart disease, police say

Posted at 8:01 PM, May 25, 2019

DARE Co., N.C. – A man who reportedly drowned in Southern Shores Saturday actually died due to a disease, not by drowning.

Police reported on Tuesday that 68-year-old John Albright’s death was ruled as a cardio vascular disease death, however, they originally reported on Saturday that the cause of death was getting caught in a rip current.

Police said that emergency personnel from Dare County EMS Station 4, Fire Station 12 Rescue and officers from the Southern Shores Police Department responded to the beach between 1st and 2nd Avenue after an unresponsive person was pulled from the surf.

CPR was started by bystanders, and responding personnel continued after arriving.

Eyewitnesses had stated that both Albright and his wife appeared to be caught in a rip current.

Albright, who was also a homeowner in Southern Shores, was pronounced dead at the scene. There is no word on his wife’s condition.

This is a developing story.