Bald eagle holding longevity record dies just before turning 36

Posted at 4:38 PM, May 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 16:38:30-04

FREEDOM, Maine – Maine’s oldest known bald eagle died just shy of turning 36 years old, according to the Avian Haven’s Facebook page.

“Our hearts were beyond sad when we said good-bye to the elder Bald Eagle from Trescott yesterday afternoon,” the post said.

The Facebook post said the eagle was known as the record holder for longevity in a Maine eagle.

Though it’s unclear exactly what happened to the eagle, the post said they found her with a severely broken left leg Friday. Doctors speculated she may have lost her balance and fallen.

An x-ray confirmed the break was beyond repair and found signs of arthritis in the bird.

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The female bald eagle, tagged as a nestling in June of 1983, was rescued and had been living at the Avian Haven since April 7, 2017.

“It is of some comfort to know that her final days were spent in a safe and peaceful environment, well-fed and cared for, as she deserved. In the two summers she was with us, she fostered four young eagles, and we like to think that her legacy lives on in them,” the post said.