Virginia Beach businesses do their part to help shooting victims

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jun 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-07 18:10:02-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Virginia Beach community continues to come together to help the victims of last week’s shooting.

Whether it is with stickers, beer, t-shirts or monetary donations, countless companies are helping contribute to the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund.

At the Oceanfront, Wave Riding Vehicles, otherwise known as WRV, has decided to sell t-shirts in their store to help raise money for the victims.

“WRV started in Virginia Beach; it’s from Virginia Beach, so it’s just one more little piece to help,” explained L.G. Shaw. “It really feels like our hometown is really leaning in to help to the families.”

Faces of the Virginia Beach mass shooting

The shirts aren’t yet available, but Shaw says that they should be on store shelves by next week. The store plans to sell them for no more than $30. Every single cent from the sales will go to the tragedy fund.

“You know, no monetary donation of any kind is going to bring back any of the family members or truly heal, but you hope it helps them begin the process,” shared Shaw.

That same feeling is shared with the owners of the Bee & the Biscuit in the Pungo section of the city. The Johnson family had their own experience with the sudden loss of their son.

"We lost our son suddenly 10 years ago, so we know about grief and shocking grief specifically," shared Karen Johnson.

Johnson says a lot of the pain they felt after her son's death resurfaced after hearing about last week's shooting. Bu,t instead of letting that pain consume her, she's using it to help the families of those affected. Starting Friday, the restaurant is matching every donation their customers give to the tragedy fund.

"We aren't doing this to get business. We have enough business; we just want people to be aware, and that’s what we are hoping will happen."

Customers just need to add to their bill what they want to donate, and Johnson says they will match that amount dollar for dollar. While they know how important it is for these families to be supported financially, they are also offering a listening ear.

"If anyone is grieving and wants to come in and chat with us, we are more than willing. We know what its like to lose someone suddenly. It's not fun."

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