Anti-LGBTQ sticker pops up on back of car in Norfolk, covering gay pride sticker

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 23:15:19-04

NORFOLK, Va. - The driver of a lime green Chevrolet Spark is trying to figure out who put a hate-filled, anti-LGBTQ sticker on her car.

"It was right here - completely covering the whole sticker,” said Cynthia Moore.

Anti-LGBTQ sticker covers gay pride sticker

Anti-LGBTQ sticker covers gay pride sticker in Ghent

She’s talking about her Virginia Beer Company gay pride sticker. She noticed it Sunday morning when she was at her job at Christ and Saint Luke's Episcopal Church on Olney Road.

“In the span of time, I parked in three different spots,” she adds. Moore was parked at MJ's Tavern early Saturday evening before heading to the public house around 11 p.m.

Her next question is why someone would disrespect her and the rest of the LGBTQ community, covering her colorful gay pride sticker with hate.

“I put my stickers on my car to let people know that I’m a safe person, and to see something on my car - it immediately made me feel uncomfortable,” said Moore.

She tells us she’s been calling the Ghent community home for almost a decade and never in a million years did she think that the hate that’s being displayed to the LGBTQ community around the country would hit right here close to home.

She says, “If you were trying to hurt my feelings, you didn’t! You just pissed off a whole bunch of people.”

She’s been getting a lot of love from people after she shared the picture of the sticker on Facebook.

Norfolk Police say the act is shameful and that it’s not a reflection of the community. They say once the person responsible is caught, they will be charged with  misdemeanor vandalism.

At the moment, the law does not recognize this incident as a hate crime because it’s not related to race, religion or national origin.

“It definitely didn’t damper my spirits. I’m still going to be just as excited. I’m getting more stickers,” said Moore.

She’s looking forward to this year's Pride Fest on June 22.