Preventing the summer slide while Hampton Roads students are out of school

Posted at 5:06 AM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 09:24:36-04

HAMPTON ROADS, VA - Your child works hard during the school year. While they may need a break during the summer, teachers and tutors want to make sure they don't forget everything they learned during the school year.

The summer slide, is what teachers call when students forget a substantial amount of information over the summer months, specifically, in the topics of math and language arts. Forgetting this information can cause students to have a difficult time coming into the next school year.

"A lot of teachers use the first month to reteach and some kids don’t really ever catch up if theyre that behind going into the summer they just get even further behind," explains  Jennifer Ingalls of Academically Educating LLC., a tutoring company located in Virginia Beach. "It's really hard to learn upcoming topics and lessons that are required for teachers because there is just a lot of students that are missing that information."

To prevent the summer slide, Ingalls suggests reading with your child every day and getting them involved in real world scenarios.

"Books every night would be good, math every other day at least, especially real world math," says Ingalls. " Go out with dad and mom and measure something, use centimeters, yards, real world experiences are best."

Ingalls says educational trips to the zoo and aquarium are also helpful, along with games like Monopoly, checkers and chess.

"Take advantage of these two months, use it to your advantage to catch up their child to maintain their academics in math and reading so that they are set up for success in the next school year."