National Dump the Pump Day

Posted at 5:20 AM, Jun 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-20 05:20:20-04

HAMPTON ROADS, VA – June 20th is National Dump the Pump Day.

The holiday has been celebrated around the country for the last 13 years. The goal of the day is for people to use public transportation instead of using their cars for a day. Utilizing public transportation can help drivers save money, especially in the summer when gas prices are high.

In the spring, Hampton Roads Transit encourages people to use their multiple ways of getting around the area with “Get on Board Day”. Their message is the same as Dump the Pump Day.

“Leaves the keys at home and hop on public transportation, said Alisa Crider with HRT. ” While you’re sitting there riding transit why not get some work done? Text a friend, call a family member, you can just relax and not be stressed on your commute to work.”

With  more than 70 bus routes across Hampton Roads, along with the trolley at the oceanfront, the Tide in Norfolk and the Elizabeth River Ferry there are plenty of easy ways to get around. Which is why Crider says “Dump the Pump Day” or “Get On Board Day” can be celebrated any time.

“Everyday should be get on board day or dump the pump day. It’s just a smart economical choice, save wear and tear on your car, save time and money and just hop on public transportation,” explained Crider.

For $4.50 you can get an all day transportation pass, that allows you to use all of the different forms for public transportation for an entire day. For more information about routes, and passes for children