Virginia will provide $12 million for electric public transportation buses

Posted at 3:33 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 15:33:18-04

NORFOLK, Va. – Gov. Ralph Northam announced Monday that state money, $12 million to be exact, will help pay for electric public transportation buses.

In total, 17 electric buses and charging infrastructure will be deployed by local transit systems in Alexandria, Blacksburg, and Hampton Roads.

The $9 million from the VW Trust will be augmented by $3.5 million from the statewide transit capital program, as well as another $6.5 million in federal and local funds. This allocation is part of a commitment announced last fall of $14 million in VW Trust funding for electric transit buses.

Electric buses are a key component of Virginia’s strategy to address the climate crisis, reduce air pollution in our communities, and drive innovation across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Northam. “We are demonstrating how entrepreneurs, government, and industry partners are coming together to implement the best renewable energy technologies available and power the clean economy.”

Recipients of VW Trust and statewide transit capital funding include:

  • Alexandria (DASH): $5.1 million for six battery-electric transit buses and fast chargers
  • Blacksburg Transit: $3.3 million for five battery-electric transit buses and fast chargers
  • Hampton Roads Transit: $3.9 million for six battery-electric transit buses and fast chargers

Funding recipients must purchase the electric buses and place them into service within two years.

With savings from lower fuel and maintenance costs consistent with electric vehicles of all types, using electric buses will also reduce operational costs for transit agencies.

The typical useful life of a transit bus is twelve years. By investing in electric buses, over that time, these transit agencies will eliminate the need for around 2 million gallons of diesel fuel and avoid 612,000 tons of carbon emissions and 129,000 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions.