Two high school teachers found dead in swimming pool of Iowa home

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 21:06:37-04

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Two high school teachers died in apparent accidental drownings in the pool of a Davenport, Iowa, home Monday night, according to police.

Two men are now identified as 57-year-old Kenneth Anderson and 60 year-old Mark Anderson. They were found dead in a pool off the 1100 block of Jersey Ridge Road around 9 p.m.

Kenneth was a social studies teacher and head bowling coach at Bellevue Middle and High School. Mark retired from North Scott High School in 2014 where he was a science teacher, but before that he was also a teacher at Bellevue, according to a teacher currently at the school.

There is no relationship between the two, according to WQAD.

The owner of a nearby dog grooming business, Tami Gradi, saw blue and red flashing lights illuminate the neighborhood Monday night.

“I was worried at first that it was our building because I saw it on the news,” Gradi said.

Tuesday morning she learned it didn’t involve her storefront. Instead, it was a call to the perfectly groomed house next door.

Scott County Auditor records indicate the house is owned by John Wisor, who also owns the nearby 11th Street Precinct Tavern.

“He got this awesome fiberglass pool that got dropped down in,” Gradi said.

Cindy Denike, who owns the flower shop one block over, told WQAD Wisor is on vacation.

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“If you look at the house it’s like Fort Knox,” Denike said, adding that her landlord mentioned  “John was out of town and the two guys were house sitting for him.”

“I was also told by my landlord that he hadn’t heard from them in 24 hours, so he sent someone up from his restaurant, 11th Street Precinct, to check it out,” according to Gradi.

Workers at 11th Street Precinct wouldn’t confirm who discovered the deaths or what happened.  They did say Wisor is making plans to return home immediately and is currently booking flights.

Police still aren’t saying what happened at Wisor’s home and how the two men died, but people have their suspicions.

“Even if you slipped and fell and hit your head, that would be one person,” Denike said. “But is it likely two people would do that? I don’t know – it’s odd.”

Bellevue Middle and High School will have counselors available to students starting Wednesday morning.