‘Skins scoop: Portraying Trent Williams, Morgan Moses wears jersey No. 71

Posted at 1:49 PM, Jul 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-28 13:49:58-04

Morgan Moses wearing the No. 71 jersey of Trent Williams

RICHMOND, Va. – It took five days of Redskins training camp, but we’ve finally seen the No. 71 jersey of seven-time Pro Bowl selection Trent Williams, who is a no-show at training camp.

Sunday, Trent’s fellow offensive lineman Morgan Moses wore Williams’ No. 71 to his post-practice press conference.

“I expect him to come back,” Moses said of Williams. “He loves football. I’m pretty sure he wants to be here. Obviously he has to figure out some things and they have to figure out some things – but it’s above my pay grade. He’s not going to miss a beat, man. It’s the same offense we’ve been running the last four or five years.”

Morgan Moses wearing the No. 71 jersey of Trent Williams

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported Sunday, as he has for some time, that the relationship between Williams and the Redskins is “totally fractured”.

“I have,” Moses said when asked if he’s talked to Trent. “He’s doing good. He’s working out and obviously getting in shape and stuff. When he gets here, he will be ready to go.”

“I really don’t know,” Moses answered when asked if the reason Trent is staying away is contractual. “I can talk to him and it could be one thing and then he says something else. When he gets here, we will welcome him with open arms. He’s our brother and we love him.”