Redskins receiver Josh Doctson believes he’s found the ‘write’ path

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jul 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 23:28:47-04

Josh Doctson

RICHMOND, Va. - A stark contrast to the way he runs routes and hauls in passes, Josh Doctson's first three years in the NFL have been anything but smooth and easy.

"I think [he] needs to continue to progress like all young football players, just needs to get better and develop," head coach Jay Gruden said of Doctson. "You know, his first year was a wash - he got hurt; he had two bad Achilles. I mean, it’s not his fault. It’s happened to a lot of guys, you know. Had the quarterback issues last year, but we just got to do a better job of trying to get him some balls, especially those 50-50 balls that I’ve been talking about."

Josh Doctson

The Redskins will not extend Doctson's rookie contract past this season. Eight total touchdowns in three years have caused many to write-off the former first round pick (22nd overall in 2016).

"It's a big business and I treat it like so," Doctson admitted. "At the end of the day, it's Josh who has to wake up and put the helmet on and tie the shoes and do something. I have to write my destiny, I have to make it happen."

But his destiny is not the only thing Doctson is writing. Two years ago, the now 26 year-old began keeping a journal.

"It's therapeutic, good for the mind, good for memory," the former TCU standout explained. "It's good to go back and look at handwriting, look at what you said. It's my thoughts, my experiences, my forms of prayers."

Josh Doctson

He's not concerned about rewriting anyone's narrative about him. Doctson will be putting pen to paper in other ways.

"I'm just trying to stay balanced with that," Doctson added. "The NFL is a tough sport. We'll just keep going, keep writing the story. I'm still young. Staying healthy is at the forefront, and we'll just keep writing."