People are texting phone numbers identical to their own; Meet the ‘number neighbor’

Posted at 4:48 PM, Aug 05, 2019

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s your (number) neighbor!

Yet another seemingly random trend is gaining traction, and the people taking part in this one are just as confident as those intent on raiding Area 51.

In something like a modern spin on the traditional pen pal, people are texting the phone numbers that are identical to their own, with one key difference: The last digit is either one up or down from theirs. That’s a “number neighbor.”

Many have received pleasant responses, some with even potentially budding friendships. One user writes, “texted my number neighbor and it turned into a wholesome conversation. (:”

Unfortunately for others, their number neighbor wasn’t interested in pursuing any sort of relationship whatsoever.

Some say their lack of bravery is keeping them from taking part.

“Me waiting for my number neighbor to text me first,” one writes.

A few notable brands have also joined in on the fun.

Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians participated, adding a funny (and clearly set up) spin. “Our number neighbor needs to knock it off,” their tweet reads.

Some users are satirizing the trend. One person’s screenshots claim that their number neighbor happened to be former President Barack Obama: “I think my number neighbor tops everyone else.”

While many take are hopping on the bandwagon, some bring up the stark differences between early social media use and how things are now. “‘How did we go from ‘don’t talk to random strangers on the internet’ to ‘hey i’m your number neighbor,’ ” one user wrote.

It’s a question indeed as to how internet trends got to this point. Our advice: Tread with caution if you decide to participate in the movement.