Woman ejected from amusement park after profanity-laden rant at Muslim woman

Posted at 10:15 AM, Aug 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-08 10:15:48-04

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. – A woman was ejected from the Sesame Place amusement park on Tuesday, and video of her profanity-laden tirade directed at a Muslim woman has gone viral on social media.

The Muslim woman, who shot the video, claims the encounter began when the other woman told her to “go back” where she came from after she complained about the woman’s cursing in front of children, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report.

The video shows the white woman screaming curse words at the camera, demanding that she not be recorded. At one point, the woman makes a grab at the camera in an apparent attempt to get the filming to stop.

Sesame Place confirmed that the woman depicted in the video was ejected from the park, according to the Inquirer.

In a statement, the park said, in part, that it “does not tolerate this type of behavior” and that the woman in the video was “promptly removed from the park and will not be permitted to return.”

“Our team deeply regrets that any guest would have this experience in our park,” the statement continued. “It runs counter to everything we stand for.”

Police in Middletown Township say they are attempting to identify the woman in the video and are urging anyone else who might have video of the incident to come forward.