‘Beauty bandit’ allegedly steals wigs designed for cancer patients

Posted at 7:20 AM, Aug 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-13 07:20:09-04

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - The search is on to find a woman who allegedly stole wigs designed for cancer patients from a family-owned business in northern Colorado.

“This is our most popular wig. It looks really natural. The coloring is fantastic,” Marcia Lilly told KDVR.

Marcia and Brandon Lilly own The Life of the Party. It’s a costume store in Fort Collins that the family says is home to the largest selections of wigs in northern Colorado.

The Lillys take pride in their store. They’ve appointed their 10-month-old son, Fen, as store manager. But on July 9th around 1 p.m., they say a customer ripped them off.

“She seemed very nice. She was asking about our kid. She was asking about the store," Marcia Lilly said.

The woman in the store surveillance video is wearing a pink T-shirt. Marcia Lilly said she spent nearly an hour in the store and bought a pair of tights, then asked to use the bathroom. Lilly said the woman was waiting for the right opportunity.

“You could very distinctly see her in the camera look and see that I was on the phone and then make the decision to go,” Marcia Lilly said.

The suspect reportedly took two wigs out of the packaging and shoved them in her purse.

The wigs are not just a monetary loss for the business; several are also a loss for people in need.

“One of the companies we carry, they donate. For every wig they sell or we sell, they will donate a wig for free to a cancer patient. It’s not just taking from us. It’s taking from people in need who couldn’t maybe afford a wig otherwise," Marcia Lilly said.

“I was instantly angered and kind of offended by it,” said Brandon Lilly, co-owner of The Life of the Party. “It felt so personal. For somebody to come in and spend that much time and get to know Marcia, talk with my son and see that this is a family-owned business.”

The owners are hoping someone in the community will recognize the “beauty bandit” and help get her off the streets.

“Another local business here re-shared our post and they’re like keep an eye out, but be aware, she’s probably wearing a wig,” Brandon Lilly said.