Norfolk State football looks to turn the tide in 2019

Posted at 8:05 AM, Aug 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 08:05:46-04

Norfolk State quarterback Juwan Carter completes a pass during a scrimmage.

NORFOLK, Va. – Saturday’s 90-plus degree heat didn’t stop Norfolk State University football from getting in its second scrimmage of the preseason.  

It’s been a tough training camp for our guys to come out here every day and get a hundredplus plays in this heat at one o’clock,” said head coach Latrell Scott.” It says a lot about the guys that we’re playing with right now. We’re in a better place than we were a year ago. I think we’re more mature. Guys have been very disciplined. 

The Spartans are looking to turn the tide this upcoming season. Since 2015, the team’s finished each season with a losing record of 4-7, going 4-8 in 2014 and 3-9 in 2013.  

Norfolk State freshman running back Kevin Johnson.

“We want to do better than we have done in the past,” said senior running back Aaron Savage. “I’m excited. We’ve come a long way from the beginning of training camp, but obviously we have more work to do, so we got two weeks until the first game.” 

Norfolk State opens the 2019 season with a 7 p.m. away matchup at Old Dominion University on August 31st 

“We’ve gotta continue to tune up our offense, tune up our defense and we’ve gotta get some things fixed on special teams,” said Scott. “We’re just gonna keep on plugging away for the next week before school starts while we have the guys’ time. 

“I’m very excited about our ability to run the football. It’s been kind of an Achilles heel the past couple years and those guys have prepared very well over the spring and through the summer, and they’re doing a tremendous job right now.”