‘I screamed’: Virginia homeowner shocked by snake on doorbell camera

Posted at 10:49 AM, Aug 22, 2019

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- When Andi Stuart-Bishop's Ring Video Doorbell alerted her that someone was at her front door, she hoped a friend had come to visit. That was, unfortunately, not the case, according to CBS 6.

"I was in the house and was notified of motion at front door," the Chesterfield native who now lives in Fredericksburg recalled. "Clicked on it expecting to maybe see a person."

What she saw in her monitor was not a person, but a snake slithering through her front door.

"I screamed!," she said.

Stuart-Bishop installed the new doorbell less than a week ago for security reasons.

"The snake, by far, has been the only interesting thing [she's seen]," she laughed.

She said had no idea snakes roamed so close to her home, other than the one time she said her dog cornered a snake in their backyard a few years ago.

"I’m pretty sure it was trying to get to the birds that nest behind our second floor shutters," she said about the most recent visit.

While Ring is designed to make people feel more comfortable inside their home, Stuart-Bishop said this experience had a slightly different effect.

"I make sure to look around and keep my tiny dog on a leash when we go out," she said. "I still can’t go out the front door."