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Norfolk Pedal Tours launch in the Mermaid City

Posted at 3:35 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 17:20:53-04

NORFOLK, Va. - A new vehicle has been spotted in and around Downtown Norfolk, and it's unlike anything that has ever been on the streets before.

The vehicle is a cross between a trolley and a bike. It was built by Deschutes Metal Craft in Oregon and arrived in Norfolk last week, where it will stay with Norfolk Pedal Tours.

The business will officially begin having bar tours in September, but it has been practicing with their bike over the last few days. A total of 15 people can ride at a time.

Instead of just sitting on chairs, patrons will sit on bike seats, their feet on pedals. Using those pedals, guests will ride their way to several different bars and restaurants on the tour. While there will be a tour guide behind the wheel - and a few car batteries to help - in order to get to each stop, guests will have to work a little.

"If you aren’t from Norfolk this is a lot of fun, but even if you are from Norfolk it’s not just like you’re going to a bar - you are pedaling from bar to bar, and I think it's fun on here," explained explained Norfolk Pedal Tour General Manager Jake Schmader. "We are playing music and you make new friends. This is taking going out to another level."

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Each tour will stop at four different bars and restaurants and spend about 20 minutes at each establishment. While guests are not allowed to drink alcohol on the bike, there will be food and drink specials at each business where the tour stops.

"We are really excited," laughed Schmader. "We are glad to be able to show people what is cool about Norfolk. There is a lot here that people don’t see, and this can be a fun way to show them what we got."

Right now, the company only offers two different bar tours, but they hope to offer art tours, history tours and even brunch tours in the near future.

To book your tour and learn more about Norfolk Pedal Tours, visit their website or Facebook page.