How to prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Posted at 8:49 PM, Sep 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-02 12:59:37-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va . - Now is the time to prepare for the worst of what Dorian could bring to our area.

Stocking up on a few essential items now can be the difference between struggling and thriving during a hurricane.

“Start with flashlights and batteries because if your power goes out you’ve got to see what you’re doing,” says Taylor’s Do It Center Assistant Manager, Doc Price.

If the power goes out, a cooler laying around and some dry ice will last much longer than ice cubes to keep food and drinks cold.

Price says rope and chains are a good resource to fight against hurricane winds.

“If they have the lawn furniture, the garbage cans, the grills, I don’t care if you have a deck or not, you really need to chain it down or tie it down so it won’t fly."

Many people will be focused on keeping the water outside of their home and that’s where investing in a tarp can save you big bucks.

“If you know that your roof is a little flaky, you might want to go ahead and drop a tarp down just in case. Some people with the boats, they don’t have a cover- you get a tarp, motorcycles, they need a tarp,” explained Price.

Price says taping up windows will also help people protect themselves from glass shattering from strong winds.

“It’s just going to shatter and go straight down to the floor or stay in one piece instead of flying all over the place.”

Darlene Artis at Taylor’s Do It Center says if you live in an area that tends to flood, you’re going to want to get sand and sandbags before they’re all gone.

“If you bought like four sacks, you want to do three bags of sand because you want to fill it about 3/4 of the way, that way it gives you leeway play with the bags that way it don’t be too over filled.”