Keep a close eye on your mail, a ‘Tax Relief Refund’ check could be on its way

Keep a close eye on your mail, a ‘Tax Relief Refund’ check could be on its way
Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 11:25:35-04

VIRGINIA - The Virginia Department of Taxation is sending out "Tax Relief Refund" checks to roughly 2.7 million taxpayers in the commonwealth. The checks will arrive in a dark-green envelope addressed.

The checks are the 2019 General Assembly's response to the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“This has resulted in extra money, extra revenue that was put aside to offset some of the deficits or circumstances that taxpayers saw this year," Stephanie Benson, the senior communications specialist for the Virginia Department of Taxation, said.

The amount of money can vary for each taxpayer.

The Virginia Department of Taxation first looks at your 2018 tax return. It deducts whatever amount of Virginia tax credits you took such as the "Credit for Low Income Individuals."

 If your credits covers the entire amount you owed, then you won’t get a refund. If the credits total less of what you owed then you’ll be eligible.

 The most taxpayers will get is $110 if you filed individually or $220 if you and your spouse filed jointly.

 Even if you qualify,  the state can use part or all of your refunds to pay any money owed to state or local governments. If the department does, you will also get an explanation with your refund or a letter if your entire refund is used.

Benson said this refund may not return next year.

“This is not something that goes on from year to year to year," She said. "This is a unique situation and so I don’t know that it will happen again next year.”

Qualified taxpayers that moved out of Virginia can still get a refund check. They must ensure their new address is updated with the department.

Checks should be sent out by Oct. 15. Taxpayers who have questions about their refund can call (804) 367-8031 or can click here to visit the Department's website.