Watch: Texas chemical plant explosion creates massive fire

Posted at 6:01 AM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 10:08:53-05

An explosion rocked a plant in Texas early Wednesday, blowing out windows at nearby homes and sending plumes of orange flames into the sky.

The explosion was at the TPC plant that makes products for chemical and petroleum companies, CNN affiliate KFDM/KBTV reported.

A mandatory evacuation has been issued for everyone within a half mile of the plant, the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department said in a Facebook post. It said the evacuation area could change or expand.

Tyler Shawn Dunlap said he was sleeping when the blast rocked his house.

“I heard and felt my house shake. I first thought people were coming to break in cause of our intense security so I was scared calling 911,” he said.

“I went to dad’s room and he thought our generator blew up so we checked that then I noticed an orange glow from the clouds.”

Trent Lee said the explosion sounded like a nuke, and shook everything in Port Neches.

Port Neches is about 100 miles from Houston.

TPC Group provides a diverse range of products to chemical and petroleum-based companies worldwide.

“Our employees are committed to safely making these products in a manner that is protective of our environment and respectful of the communities where we have operations,” it says on its website.

CNN has reached out to the company.

In South Carolina, officials are working to control a leak and fire at Lanxess in Charleston, the Fire Department said. The fire was later extinguished.

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