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Sears closing sales: Any great deals?

Sears closing sales: Any great deals?
Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-29 15:51:17-05

Sears has just announced plans to close another 90 plus stores after Christmas, on top of the 100 Sears and Kmart stores closing this fall.

Sears closing

With hundreds of stores now liquidating, you might think you’ll find bargains everywhere, but one shopper claims thats not necessarily the case.

Cathy Burger has been shopping Sears for 30 years.

She knows this store, and knows a bargain and says the closing sale at her local Sears this fall is no bargain.

“It makes no sense,” Burger said. “They marked everything up to the highest retail price they could, and then started taking things off.”

So Burger took us shopping, where we found a Kenmore Model #72595 French Door stainless refrigerator.

The sign said it “Was $3,900 dollars.” After 35% off, it’s now $2,500.

Good deal? Not necessarily. On Sears.com that day, we found the exact model #72595 marked down from $3,900 to just $1,667 dollars.

That’s $900 cheaper online.

Burger was about to buy a sheet set, marked down to $20, until she found them online for just a buck more.

“If you go online, it’s $21, and you can return them, and in the store there’s no return.”

Kenmore 6 burner grill? On clearance at the closing sale, it was $491. On Sears.com it was just $3 more –$494 — and you get a full warranty.

Sure you may find some very good bargains at a Sears closing sale.

But just remember if it’s scratched dented, torn, or just looks awful in your house, you can’t return it. So make sure it’s a very good deal. All sales are final.

We found one really good buy: a Kitchen Aid Pro 500 mixer marked down to $209.The cheapest we found online was $269, so that was an excellent deal.

Sears’ defense, it is not running the store closing sales. Those are being run by third party liquidators, who set the prices, and who have to make a profit doing it.

And sure you may find some great markdowns at a Sears closing sale, but bring your phone to compare prices and bring a healthy dose of skepticism so you don’t waste your money.


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