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‘God placed’ off-duty officer at Virginia Cook Out to save grandfather, woman says

Posted at 11:23 AM, Dec 02, 2019

HENRICO Co., Va. - A family is counting their blessings this Thanksgiving after an off-duty Henrico Police officer gave CPR to a 79-year-old man in the Short Pump Cook Out parking lot.

John Luck Jr. and Henrico Police Officer Jonathan Turner (Courtesy CBS 5)

Lisa Gravitt took to social media just after midnight Wednesday in hopes of tracking down the officer who administered CPR and "helped save" her father, John Luck Jr., Tuesday evening.

Gravitt said the ordeal began when her parents parked after they had a mix-up at the drive-thru.

"My dad got out, my mom looked in the rear-view mirror and he wasn’t there," she recounted.

When Gravitt's mother got out of the car, she saw her husband lying on the ground and began screaming for help.

That is when Gravitt said an off-duty officer, who was in the drive-thru line with his family, came to the rescue before paramedics arrived.

"To the police officer who performed CPR on my dad tonight in the parking lot at Cookout in Short Pump...  Thank You! 🙏🏼💕🙏🏼💕🙏🏼" Gravitt wrote.

Gravitt, who said doctors believe her father's heart stopped as a result of his extreme COPD and A-Fib, urged her Facebook friends to share her post in hopes the officer would see it.

Six hours later, Gravitt was connected with Officer Jonathan Turner, who has been on the force in Henrico for four year.

"He and I have been talking about how things happened that evening and God definitely placed him at the right place at the right time that night for my parents," Gravitt said.

Henrico Police officials thanked Gravitt for sharing what Officer Turner did for "a community member in need."

"We appreciate the family reaching out with such a positive update," Henrico Police officials posted late Saturday. "One team, one community, safer together!"

Gravitt said her family is "extremely thankful" this Thanksgiving.

"Even though our Thanksgiving meal is delayed a few days, this Thanksgiving we are more grateful and thankful than we’ve ever been," Gravitt wrote. "So glad my daddy is still with us to enjoy the day!"

Gravitt said Sunday her father is "gradually improving each day."

"My dad is already talking about how he’d love to meet him and personally thank him," Gravitt said.

Gravitt said the ordeal has also taught her family the "importance of knowing this life-saving technique."