Burglars get away with over $6,000 worth of electronics from Norfolk home

Posted at 9:49 PM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 21:51:03-05

NORFOLK, Va. - Burglars were able to get away with over $6,000 worth of electronics after robbing a Norfolk home on Thursday night.

“We are a house of gamers, so it was kind of heartbreaking to see our primary enjoyment taken away,” said Hannah Garrett.

Taken away by an intruder, the Xbox wasn’t the only thing that was stolen.

“Three of our laptops, Xbox, PS4 and our [Nintendo] Switch,” she added.

Hannah and her roommates believe the man seen in surveillance video is the man who broke into their house on Oklahoma Avenue when they weren’t home.

Moments after the Ring video captured the man on the property, the camera deactivated. The homeowner says she believes that the man who went into her home probably yanked out the Wi-Fi cord, and that’s what forced the Ring to stop recording.

“I feel like when they were taking the laptops, it was just like, 'Don’t know which cord is what,' so he yanked everything,” said Hannah.

The roommates came home to a shattered back door; some of the glass still on the ground.

“Glass everywhere - oddly enough because it was only the back door that got broken into - but there was glass everywhere,” she adds.

Hannah tells News 3 that a forensics team came over, and Norfolk Police are still investigating who got away with their pricey items.

"Each laptop was around $2,000 and for each console, it was about $300 a piece.”

Hannah says she plans to add additional security to her home. She also plans to enjoy this break away from her gaming consoles.

“We see it more as an opportunity to reconnect with one another and get away from electronics, I guess.”

She also wants the community to keep their eyes and ears open.

“There is a lot of craziness during the holidays that happen so it’s that time of the year, so vigilance is a big things and community,” said Hannah.