Take note of Ricky Rahne, Old Dominion University’s new football coach

Posted at 11:28 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 23:28:44-05

NORFOLK, Va. - With the hiring of head coach Ricky Rahne, it's a new era for Old Dominion University football. But before a new chapter can be written, you need a pen and paper. And the main Monarch certainly has that.

Ricky Rahne, Old Dominion

"We might need to get a bigger moving expense budget, because I have a lot of notebooks," Ricky Rahne said smiling Wednesday, following his introduction as the second head football coach in ODU history.

After all, it's called taking notes not giving them. And the 39 year-old Rahne has been documenting meetings and practices and game plans at each of the five prior stops during his 15-year coaching career.

"My wife’s been on me about why do you have all these notebooks," Rahne admitted. "Now I can show her why I have all those notebooks."

Ricky Rahne's notebook

And he can also show ODU fans why this is the 'write' place to start his head coaching career.

"I like to win and I think you can win here," Rahne, the former Penn State offensive coordinator, said without pause. "When you consider the talent base and the infrastructure that is already here - this place is set up to win."

Athletic Director, Dr. Wood Selig, reveals Rahne accepted ODU's job offer on the spot - even turning his vehicle around while on a recruiting trip Monday. But as for when the first-time head coach will get things turned around with the Monarchs? Coach Rahne is not as quick with that answer.

Ricky Rahne, Old Dominion

"I’m not going to put some timetable out there or make any declarations or anything like that," Rahne noted. "Our goal is to go 1-and-0 every day. So today, that’s this press conference and some of our young men – that’s finals."

Final exams, a press conference or an ascending coaching career: all can be aided by some quality note-taking.