String of car break-ins in Hampton neighborhood leave many without windows

Posted at 10:59 PM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-14 07:53:24-05

HAMPTON, Va. - In a trash can is glass from the passenger side window of Jim Cummings' wife’s navy blue SUV that was parked in their driveway on Horsley Drive.

“My wife lost her Apple AirPods,” said Cummings.

He says Hampton Police knocked on his door around 3 a.m., notifying him that both of his cars had been broken into.

“Glass shattered everywhere... the force that he used to get into these cars was amazing. It had to be a hammer or baseball bat because a lot of these are shatterproof and he still managed to spray glass,” he adds.

 Police say they got a call about numerous car larcenies in the Northampton area.

Cummings was able to get the window on his pick-up fixed before the nasty weather.

“That was the big push - everyone wanted to get in before the rain hit,” said Cummings.

 Horsley Drive was not the only street that got hit.

“Thanks be to God they only hit one car. We have three,” said Jeffrey Harris.

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Harris’s daughter-in-law's car was smashed, too. They live on Benjamin Terrace, a street he says has been safe ever since he moved to the area in 2003.

His neighbor's car was also hit.

“It cost us $200 out of pocket,” to get his wife's black SUV fixed, he said. 

News 3 counted at least eight cars that were broken into Friday, but neighbors say there are a lot more.

“We must be vigilant for where we live and be watchful of yourself and neighbors,” said Harris.