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Christmas Court in Virginia draws thousands: ‘We’ve kind of embraced it’

Posted at 6:52 PM, Dec 22, 2019

MIDLOTHIAN Va. - Young carolers add sweet music to Midlothian`s brightest houses along Dawnridge Court, also known as Christmas Court.

"The dads stay home and drink and we come out and party with the kids," said Melody Chote.

It's one of several streets that thousands of Christmas light lovers visit each holiday season.

A tradition that got started on the block more than three decades ago by Patrick and Donna Snee.

"Back in 87," said Patrick.

"At first we were considered the tacky house in the neighborhood. And it soon caught on obviously," added his wife Donna.

Chris Koon and his wife were happy to be part of that tradition eight years ago after moving in.

"We started right away, we've kind of embraced it and it's just grown since then," said Koon.

The block full of houses carry more lights than the home owners can count, adding holiday cheer to all.

"It's just great seeing the kids and adults and everybody," said Snee. "We never would've imagined this."

The Snees said it's the perfect way to bring in the in holiday spirit, something they hope lives on forever along Christmas Court.

"The joke is, if you want to stop you have to move away," said Snee.

Plan for increased traffic

This annual event draws thousands of visitors from both near and far, and normal neighborhood traffic patterns are not designed for the associated increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Pre-plan your route and have an alternative plan should traffic be too excessive. Also include locations for restroom breaks throughout the tour. Consider weeknights to visit for less traffic.

Obey the law

Please obey State laws and local ordinances particularly regarding parking, littering, alcohol, trespassing, urinating in public, and noise. The locations along the tacky lights tours are comprised mostly of private residences and are typically located in residential neighborhoods. The increased foot and vehicle traffic will impact neighbors. Please be conscientious of your impact on that community.

Be thoughtful and respectful of others

Use appropriate language suitable for families and our younger guests.

"The Henrico County Police Division will be monitoring locations throughout the holiday season and address any observed violations," Lt. Pecka said.