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Local legend Vivian Doummar celebrates milestone birthday

Posted at 6:35 AM, Dec 24, 2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - She’s a living legend, a pillar in the community and a very young spirit.

Vivian Doummar is celebrating a significant birthday in December.

She loves to dance, cook her traditional Lebanese meals and has no problem getting behind the wheel while listening to her favorite Middle Eastern music.

Nothing has slowed her down.

“Age is only a number, and mine is unlisted,” said Vivian.

Her son, Richard Doummar, is celebrating her birthday throughout the month of December.

“No one can believe you’re 100 years old, Mom - no one,” said Richard.

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Vivian sat down with News 3 shared her memories of living in Virginia Beach for the past several decades.

“I’ve never, ever seen my mother in a bad mood. I’ve never seen my mother grumpy or unsatisfied. She’s always happy, which probably has a lot to do with her longevity,” said Richard.

Her positive outlook has helped her through the tough times - like when her husband, Hap Doummar, passed away when her two sons - Richard and Ronald - were teenagers.

She took over the operations of their motel, the Balboa at the Oceanfront, until she retired in 2011.

“When he died, it wasn’t easy,” she said, “I had to meet the mortgage, make sure I didn’t lose the property, so I ran it for about 35 years.”

She said it was a job she absolutely loved.

“I don’t like retirement. I don’t. I really miss being in action, in business,” said Vivian.

She drove News 3 around the Oceanfront and pointed out all her favorite spots in a city she adores.

“I think it is beautiful, really, and I’m proud to be living here,” said Vivian.

The massive celebration for her special birthday ends with a huge blast after Christmas. Relatives are coming from all over the country to celebrate her birthday and honor the woman who has impacted so many people.

She is the first one to dance at any party.

“I have danced all over the place,” said Vivian. “You can’t live without people, good people. It’s boring not to have fun. Don’t you agree?”

“She has those special qualities that really everyone could learn from,” said Richard.

Have fun, be positive and keep on dancing is the advice from the birthday girl who is an inspiration to all.